Monsieur Lapin aka Rabbit

Practitioner of Haitian Voodoo, sorcerer, magic addict


Monsieur Lapin left his life as a houngan in Haiti to become an itinerant bokor, paying his way through the world by casting spells. His use of magic was flippant, and eventually he developed an addiction, never happy if he wasn’t surrounded by magic or casting spells. He collected artifacts and bled them dry for their power, but he was never content.

The spells he cast were petty, new world things. Though a competent bokor, Lapin did not have access to the sort of power described in the stories of his ancestors; not until he arrived in Brazza. To Lapin, Brazza was like a city-sized opium den, and he gorged himself on mysticism, trinkets, elixirs and spells. That was until the money dried up.

Competition from other houngan, bokor and mambos meant that he couldn’t make much money from his abilities in Brazza, so now he scrounges and takes on less than savoury jobs to keep a roof over his head and his addiction fed. Rumour has it – spurious rumours, he would say – that he’ll make anyone you want a zombie for half the price of anyone else in Brazza.

Everyone calls him Rabbit, and he’s given up telling them to stop.

Monsieur Lapin aka Rabbit

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