Welcome to Brazza

Brazza is an island far off the west coast of Africa. As of the mid-to-late-1700s (a.k.a. THE PRESENT) it is a major trade hub for the Americas and Europe, as well as a popular spot for rich and noble travellers. It’s also filthy with voodoo magic. Necromancy is the biggest discipline, and practitioners can make fat stacks if they’re good at what they do.

If you’re not into the magic stuff, there’s always crime — something Brazza also has in abundance. The only city on the island (Brazza City) is sharply divided between rich and poor, and very literally divided into different section by virtue of its clockwork-like construction. Buildings, roads and entire districts shift and spin at the whims of various official and unofficial channels. Tram lines criss-cross the city, providing a reliable but somewhat risky transport option for most.

Below Brazza City is the Undercroft, the shadowy ruins of the original metropolis. An unfortunate volcanic eruption long ago destroyed most of the city, and prompted the construction of a more modular solution.

Brazza is an island of strict rules, and a population of rule breakers. There’s a place for just about everyone, even the dead.

Machine Chronicles

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