So you want to warp the fabric of reality? You’re in the right place. Brazza is an island defined by magic and it’s absolutely teeming with the stuff. Details are hazy, but most agree that the island has been a kind of nexus for increased magical activity since a volcanic eruption many centuries ago. The closer you get to Brazza, the more powerful and present the magic gets.

Most native Brazzans who do magic are involved with vodun — voodoo with a focus on life, death and humanity’s connection to the natural world. The other disciplines are imports from various other locations, although at this point it can be difficult to see where one type of magic ends and another begins. Magic is lightly policed in the city by the Scale Guard, but most types of harmless spell will attract no attention. Necromancy in particular is permitted pretty much anywhere. Alchemy and Illusion are the most frequently abused types of magic, thanks to their ability to cloud the mind or alter physical objects. Consorting with demons, spirits and other creatures through Bargain magic is heavily frowned upon in most places.

Types of Spell

Given the varied nature of magic on the island of Brazza, there are also many ways to cast. Different methods are associated with different spells, and generally require their own rolls and checks. Most fall under the following categories:

  • Innate – The character instinctively knows or has memorised the spell. Players roll against the percentage chance of the spell skill. The base percentage for new spells or starting characters is INT x 1. Players with Magic specialties that match the discipline being cast can add 1/5 of their Magic skill percentage to help them cast a spell. If a player knows a different type of Magic, they can still add 1/10 of the Magic skill.
  • Invoked – Characters need a written spell or magical object to cast this magic. All or part of the spell’s power is in the physical form. Players roll Invocation to cast. Users can add 1/10 of a corresponding Magic speciality to the Invocation skill percentage.

All types of magic cost POW to use (which can be regained over time) and add to a character’s Odic Drain.


Vodun: Death, life and nature. Necromancy, curses, blessings.
Bargain: Summoning, talking to or making deals with spirits.
Illusion: Altering perceptions and reality temporarily.
Alchemy: Transmuting physical matter into different forms.
Rune: Using magic symbols in spells and on objects or people.


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